Word by Word

Creating myself one word at a time.

Pearl Harbor

I began reflecting on the Pearl Harbor bombing. The words of FDR are unforgettable when remembering the damage done at Pearl Harbor and the lives lost. When I was in junior high, I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor. It was the 50th anniversary, which means I explored the monuments with survivors of Pearl …

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Women working

There is this iconic scene in the movie “A League of Their Own” when Dottie Hinson (played by Geena Davis) realizes that few people in the stands and media are paying much attention to women’s baseball and chose to catch a ball while doing the splits. It’s that moment when you smile and think “You …

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Code Name Verity

There are some books with moments that take your breath away and Code Name Verity is one of them. I will admit my interest in this book was a bit of a slow burn, but it hooked me three chapters in. A quick synopsis. The story centers on the friendship of two young British women involved …

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