Word by Word

Creating myself one word at a time.

“I like hanging around words listening to what they say.”—W.H. Auden

I’m not sure when my love of words began.

It may have been in third grade when I wrote my first short story. It was a handwritten exposition about my youngest sister—a dabbling in non-fiction that didn’t last long.

It could have been in seventh grade when I couldn’t figure out how to communicate with my peers, so I dove into words as a way to understand them and express my own being.

Maybe it was the first time I read Anna Karenina in high school and could imagine the bitter cold of a Russian winter that Leo Tolstoy painted with his words.

I know that by my senior year in college, I was hooked. Words, their meanings, the way people used them (or didn’t) and how important they are to our existence all fascinated me.

Word by word, we are all creating who we are. Whether it’s the words we use during a private conversation or the 140 characters in a tweet, every word adds up to create you—and me.

This blog will explore word, all aspects of them. Public and private. Written and spoken.  If we hang around words long enough, we’ll get to hear what they have to say to us.


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