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Row 80

Row 80It is now Thursday. I missed the ROW80 midweek check-in on Wednesday, but I have good reason! My Internet connection was out all day. ALL DAY! I was saved from total Internet isolation by my iPhone, so I could at least check all the social media sites.

There is a theory that I’m putting together. Stay with me for a minute. I was able to finish about six hours of research yesterday and finally made my way through this massive research book. I think my lack of Internet yesterday may have actually helped me be productive! It’s still just a hypothesis.

So, I got my five hours of working on the book done for the week on Wednesday. This was good because Monday I worked a 12 hour+ day and Tuesday I was too exhausted to do much. I am off until Monday, so I have high hopes to get more work done.

The other goal over the next couple of days is to get some NaNo prep going. I have a few things I need to get on paper and see where I am.

Eating with kids every night is happening! Exercise, not so much. With that, I think I’ll see if the kiddos want to go for a walk.


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