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Row 80

Row 80My week this week was…unproductive to say the least. Long days at work and many family events during the evenings. It’s making me a little nervous with NaNo coming and things only getting busier. It’s just the time of year when things go into warp speed.

We’re also mid-birthday party planning for the boy child. He’s going to be the big SIX years-old. I thought we were going for a Scooby Doo themed party, but he’s now changed his mind and wants a soccer themed party. I figure a soccer cake, some Gatorade and I can just throw them outside with a soccer ball. That’s a good party, right?

So, what have I accomplished towards my ROW80 goals this week? Well, I’m not sure I got a full five hours of work done. However, I’ve been reading Donald Maas’ book “Writing the Breakout Novel” and had a few insights for the NaNo novel. As a matter of fact, the person who never outlines, has actually developed an outline of sorts!

I’ve also been connecting with some of my fellow NaNoers from the Oklahoma City area and have plans to attend some write-ins throughout November. Check to NaNo prep!

The coming week will be challenging with work travel and a Kindergarten musical program where my child, dressed as The Fonz, will sing. I can’t wait for that. I have taken off this Friday to spend the day writing. More to come!

9 thoughts on “A sad #ROW80 Sunday summary

  1. Lee McAulay says:

    Hi – dropping by as part of ROW80! That week doesn’t sound so sad, Courtney, and – now you have an outline! Yay! Something to work on. I write more coherently with an outline, after a few novels without one. It’s always worth trying something new.
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Lee! I guess it felt sad because the previous weeks had been so productive! I appreciate you stopping by!

  2. Beth Camp says:

    Your week sounds busy, fun, AND productive. Just keep chugging right along. Six years old? Treasure the moments. Yes, NaNo is coming.Donald Maas is helpful and so is that outline! I read somewhere that writing in short, short bursts also helps — because that subconscious mind keeps right on percolating along. May you have a very good week.

    1. Thanks, Beth! I hope it is a productive week. It will be a challenge with Halloween and all the associated festivities. I’ll have to ponder the short bursts. When I do 20 to 30 minute sprints I can usually get a decent word count.

  3. Alana Mander says:

    Life, especially with children, always has a way of getting busy at the wrong time doesn’t it! My son has a week off school this week so my productivity is going to go right out the window. My parents are going to take him for a couple of hours on friday though so I can attend my local NaNo write-in. Well done on getting the outline down, and best of luck for November.

    1. My patents are life savers with watching my kids! Don’t know what I’d do without them! Best of luck to you too!

  4. Jaleh D says:

    I’m trying to gear back up for lots of writing, but I’ve been slacking even though I finished all my big (non-writing) projects earlier this month. Best wishes with NaNo and your ROW80 goals. Glad you’ve got such great support from your family. 😀

  5. Eden Mabee says:

    Despite your saying you haven’t done much for your writing (I can totally relate to the hectic schedule you’ve been keeping), it looks to me like you’ve got your stuff together. You’ll do fine.

    As for the soccer party… sounds good. Maybe see if you can find some white t-shirts that your son can make black stripes on like a jersey so he can dress the part? Maybe grab some fabric markers and let the kids all make their own t-shirts as a take-home gift from the party…. Simple, fun, lets the kids feel involved…

    Best of luck whatever you choose to do.

    1. Love the jersey idea! Totally borrowing that. Thank you!

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