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OneWordResolutionMy mom and I were chatting the other day and she told me about this project her principal assigned all the teachers in her school. The principal asked each teacher to choose a one word resolution for 2014. Rather than a long list of things to stop or start, she wanted them to find a word that would define everything they aim for this year. The teachers were to choose their word, a picture to illustrate it, define it and then write a personal statement. They will be posting these in the cafeteria for the students to see and, hopefully, learn a few new words. I loved the idea. In the past few years, I’ve avoided resolutions and aimed more for goals. This year I’m going to choose one word as my resolution and attempt to fit my goals to it.

So, my word for 2014 will be productive.

pro-duc-tive, adj., producing or capable of producing (especially abundantly), having the ability to produce or originate, marked by great fruitfulness.

In 2014, I resolve to be productive in all aspects of my life, from personal relationships to work to my creative pursuits. This will require discipline to set goals for myself and achieve them. It also means I will need to allow myself the time for reflection and relaxation, so I have the energy to accomplish all that I want to accomplish.

Goals for 2014:

  1. Complete the manuscript for my current novel, its codename is “Sayre.”
  2. Blog at least twice a week.
  3. Complete the plotting, synopsis and first draft of my second novel.
  4. Go to my first writer’s conference.
  5. Take a fun family vacation this year.
  6. Make sure my family eats a little healthier this year.
  7. Get my office painted and furnished.
  8. Talk my six year-old into taking a martial art.
  9. Win NaNoWriMo again.
  10. Read at least 50 books.
  11. Take my kids to a museum or two.
  12. Volunteer at least once a month in my community.

The good thing is we have 365 days. I’ll need to keep Rita Dove’s wise words in mind. You can only eat an elephant bite by bite.

Here’s to an amazing and productive 2014.

4 thoughts on “One word resolution

  1. nicolanoo says:

    I like the one word idea.

    1. I did too. It was challenging and fun to distill things down to one word. As a writer, I love words. Limiting myself to only one was a good lesson for me.

      1. nicolanoo says:

        I’d probably feel the same. Mine resolutions this year are to comment on ,ore blogs, read 50 books (I’ve fallen behind with my reading habits in recent years), and to try and become more independent in the kitchen (I have Cerebral Palsy so I find cooking difficult. I don’t really know what my one word for those would be, maybe improvement?

      2. What about something like “broaden” or “horizon”? All of your goals will open the world for you in a way. Good luck in all your goals!

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