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The feeling I have this week must be the same feeling kids in my junior high had when they were chosen first for [insert any group sport].

I joined NetGalley and will now be reviewing books for publishers as they are published.
Professional Reader


The special feels. They are so great.

Those of you who already do this know they really take anyone, but I will still feel special about this. Then, I got my first email from them saying I’d been accepted as a reviewer for my first book…it publishes March 1. So, I better get busy!

3 thoughts on “They let me join!

  1. C.S. Wilde says:

    Wohoo, congrats! And thank you for reviewing books! Honest reviews are super important to any author.
    All reviewers are awesome ^_^

    1. Thanks! I love to read. I have opinions. I’ve reviewed before, but it’s super exciting to have access to books before they are released.

  2. kevinonpaper says:

    That’s awesome, Courtney!

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