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41qoICTy5pLSometimes when you’ve read a really heavy book, topic and not page number, you need something fun and light. You need something sweet or funny to help lift your spirits. Over Easy by Pamela Ford was all of those things. It was an enjoyable romantic comedy with a funny cast of characters. The perfect summer afternoon on the porch, by the pool or on the beach read. Here’s what it’s about.


Something really needed to change. Unfortunately, as it was turning out, that something was my life. — Pamela Ford, Over Easy


Allie and her friends are trying to meet men. They’ve tried other things, but just can’t seem to find men, especially those who might be interested in them. Over post-workout juices one day, they plot out the “continental breakfast club.” The three friends end up on the dining room of a local hotel pretending to be business travelers there for breakfast. Here is a group of men who are wearing their wedding rings, are successful and may just be interested. Over Easy follows Allie, the dog groomer whose family of successful professionals just don’t understand her life choices. She needs to find a date for her parent’s anniversary party. She quickly spots a guy, but she doesn’t realize he’s spotted her too and thinks she his contact for the stolen jewels he’s trying to unload. Soon, Allie with her friends Bree and Megan are on the run. They’re joined by Jax, a recent customer of Allie’s, who just wants his dog back. 


What I loved: It was exactly what I wanted when I picked it up. Fun, easy and lighthearted. It’s important, if you decided to read it, that you let it be the fun read that it is. One of the things I loved about Allie was her constant dialogue running in her head. I find I have that bad habit as well. Sometimes, you’re so in your own head you miss what the people around you have said. Allie spends a lot of time in her head making up what she’d say. Her words are perfect in her head, but what comes out of her mouth isn’t any where close to it. She’s funny and a bit of a mess. In the end, she does grow-up a little and realized she’s happy with her life. She’s so busy trying to deflect her family’s critiques that she seems to have lost sight of that.


Would I recommend?: You bet, but only if you read it remembering it’s an easy read with a light story. If you are looking for heft, serious topics or characters who are on a journey of self-discovery, this isn’t the one you want to pick-up right now.


Back list bonus: As I read this book, I had flashes of Kristin Higgins and her romance books. She’s hilarious! I’d recommend any of her Blue Heron series…and her entire back list!

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