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Row 80

Row 80It has begun in full force. I’m not sure I was ready for all the blogging posts about it, tweets about it and emails. There was no ignoring NaNo was upon us. I started out strong on Friday. Worked for about five hours and got 3,500 words.

Then Saturday happened. It was like the universe was trying to discourage me! My phone took a swim. Normally, I could deal with it. However, I’m about to leave on a three-day business trip and was not comfortable driving without it. I spent the rest of Saturday running around trying to replace it and get all the errands run. I was very grumbly by the end of the day.

Today, though, I found the ability to move beyond and got another 4,000 or so written on the novel. When I counted it all up I was at about 7,900 for the three days. Not quite the 10,000 I’d hoped for, but with the way Saturday went, I’ll take it!

I’ll be spending the next couple of nights in a hotel room. There is no excuse for no productivity there, right?

3 thoughts on “The first NaNo #ROW80 Sunday summary

  1. Wow, you impress me, girl! Sorry to hear about your phone. I love your positive attitude about being productive on the road. Hope you have a good audio book to keep you company! Be safe.

    1. Planning on writing tonight after dinner. Let’s see if the muse visits the hotel room tonight!

      Listening to the second book in the Delirium series.

  2. Beth Camp says:

    Hotel room? Sounds like a perfect place for another thousand words or so, right? I’d love to add you as a NaNo buddy. I’m bluebethley and also write historical fiction. Look forward to hearing more about your project and wish each day brings many more words your way.

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