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Row 80

Row 80It only figures that with the start of NaNoWriMo, something I’ve planned to do for two months, would come some of the busiest work days requiring travel. With the death by water of my iPhone and a few other well-timed calamities have me questioning my relationship with the universe. But, I will overcome!

Hyperbole aside, I have been pushing myself to write even when I would rather curl up and stare at a wall. I checked into a hotel on Monday and have spent at least an hour and half each night writing before I go to bed. Prepare yourself for a little bragging. I finally went over 10,000 words last night. A lot of that was thanks to my dear friend Niki and the Twitter writing sprints we were doing.

I’ve also muscled past some murkier scenes that were tough. They aren’t perfect, but they are on the page now and can be revised later. Irony of all ironies, they were the scenes that had the least detail when I outlined. You know the ones.

“The two people deepen their relationship, things happen.”

Thank you, past Courtney, that is ever so helpful.

In terms of my ROW80 goals, writing is going well. I’ve spent at least three hours, maybe more, writing so far and we still have more week to come. I’m feeling good about the NaNo progress and have even padded the word count some in case the universe continues to wreck disaster on me. I may need to sacrifice something or say a few penitent prayers.

Obviously, I haven’t been home, so I’ve had quality Facetime conversations with my kids only and I look forward to actually hugging them tonight.

Exercise…well, if one achieves all of one’s goals then there is nothing left to strive for, right?

One thought on “A #ROW80 check-in from a hotel dining room

  1. So awesome about muscling through those murky scenes. Congrats on breaking the 10k barrier too! I hope your week has been a good one. Happy Writing!

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