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Row 80

Row 80I decided to take a bit of a break after winning National Novel Writing Month because I’d pushed pretty hard. There was a lot of “around the house” stuff I needed to give some attention. Then, of course, there was the Thanksgiving cooking, Christmas decorating and present buying. All of this has given me the ability to take a bit of a brain break from the WIP, which it turns out, I needed.

All of that to say that I haven’t progressed much further in the last week. I’ve only added another 500 to 700 words to the WIP, however I’ve also been mulling over the next step for my main character. Something big is about to happen to her, something horrible that leads to something great.

My goal this week is to get back to writing every day, a habit I built over November. I also have two things I would like to do here on my website. First, I’m going to add some details about my current project. A short synopsis. Explanation of my inspirations. Playlist of some music I listen to while I work on this project. Second, I found some old short stories I wrote in college. I think I’m going to post a couple here. Just for fun!

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