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Creating myself one word at a time.

The other day I discovered this musical artist. To my chagrin, it was through a cheesy jewelry commercial. It doesn’t change that I’m now in love with Lord Huron.

The song, as it turned out was “Ends of the Earth” by Lord Huron. I went to YouTube to decide if I liked the whole album called “Lonesome Dreams.” As you may have guessed, I did. Every song on the album. It’s now on my Christmas list. 

I was listening to some of the songs the other day and introduced a work friend to this musical treasure. She immediately said “This makes me want to go on an adventure!” And she was right. That’s exactly what I’d been feeling, but never put it into words. The music made me want to explore, but not just the physical world…my storytelling world, too!

We found the video for the song “Lonesome Dreams” (linked below). Lo and behold, it was all about an explorer. The whole video gives the sense that Lord Huron has a story to tell about an adventurer. The tone of the songs, the lyrics, brought to life this story for my friend and I before we’d even seen the video. It got me thinking about how important tone is to any creative work. I keep listening to Lord Huron, digging deeper into the songs and the stories they tell.

One, and I’m not gonna say which one yet, has even inspired a whole new novel idea for me. I’m already jotting notes in my notebook for when I’m ready to take it on, which I’ll do with Lord Huron in my ears.

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