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I would have finished this book much quicker if life had not gotten in mybookreview_allthebreakingwaves_cover way! I really enjoyed Lonsdale’s story in this women’s fiction, magical realism crossover. While the setting was very west coast and of the ocean, the elements of her story reminded me a lot of Sarah Addison Allen’s books.

There were many layers in this book, some surface level and fun and others that took you to a deeper place. I loved the lighthearted descriptions of the main character’s friend, Phoebe, and the older women who are friends with Nana.

It will be the deeper levels that snag you and keep you though. All the Breaking Waves introduces us to Molly, a woman who runs when things get hard and very damaged by a destructive relationship with her father. She finds herself in her early 30s and raising a daughter, Cassie, on her own. Things are getting difficult for this mother/daughter family because Cassie is starting to show the same family abilities that all the wo
men in this family have, psychic abilities.

The story truly begins when Cassie foresees the death of Molly, so Molly does what she’s good at and loads them both in the car and runs back to the home where she grew up and her grandmother. Not only does she have to face the horrible memories of life with her alcoholic father, but also the love of her life, Owen, whom she ran from years before.

As Lonsdale takes us through the week, leading to the imminent foreseen death of Molly, she peels back the layers of Molly, Nana and Owen. The three deal with their pasts and what the future may bring.

There are some fairly dark moments in this book, but Lonsdale masterfully balances these with light and beauty. If you’re looking for an engrossing and wonderful tale to read this winter, I highly recommend this tale.

Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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