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I finally picked up the first book in Raybourn’s newest series about Veronica Speedwell. “A Curious Beginning” lived up to the title! I’ve been a fan of Raybourn since I read her Lady Julia series. She excels at creating mysteries and then ingenious clues for her heroine to discover. Oh, and her heroines are firecrackers.

What I loved: It was like a starter pistol fired at the start of the book and then we were off on a romping adventure. I loved the action and suspense. In addition, the main characters were engaging and left me curious to learn more about them. I may be in love with the pirate-like Stoker. He’s funny, brooding, intelligent and easily thrown off center by Veronica.

Would I recommend?: I would, but the main character, Veronica, was very liberated for a woman of the late Victorian period. She may be shocking to delicate constitutions. Read with your pearls handy, so you can clutch them.

I’ll be picking up the sequel soon. I’m excited to say there is still plenty of Veronica Speedwell and Stoker to be had in our future.

Backlist bonus: Night of a Thousand Stars. Runaway bride. Spies. Jazz age Syria. This book had it all!



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