Word by Word

Creating myself one word at a time.

Row 80

Row 80It is another Sunday, the end of another weekend. I suffer from “end of weekend” depression usually, however I’m ending this one feeling pretty good. I aimed to spend a good bit of it writing and that’s just what I was able to do.

I also discovered something interesting about the way I write. I’m better with a short, focused writing time than a series of hours with no forced deadline. Friday my friend Niki and I sprinted during our lunch hour and I had one of the greatest hours of writing so far, 1,622 words that were quality words. Saturday I cranked out nearly 4,000, but they were a struggle and today, well today was rough. Not sure any of it will be in the final draft.

The lesson in all this? There are a couple.

1. I like deadlines, they help me to be more productive.

2. Deadlines aren’t always available, so you have to dig down deep and push through.

3. Keep caffeine and chocolate on hand when #2 doesn’t work.

When I entered my NaNo word count earlier, after I promised myself that I was done for the day, I noticed that I’m only 500 words from 20,000. I think I’ll go in for another 500. The mental boost from reaching that goal will help drive me through the rest of this week.

So, goals. 1. I’ve worked well more than five hours on the book this week. 2. Doing well on NaNo participation. 3. Even got to spend some quality time with my kids this week. 4. There was a fourth, what was it? Oh, yeah. Exercise. I don’t want to talk about it.

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